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A Jedi crash lands on a barren planet and is pursued by a mysterious Sith who seems to know him. I hate rating fan films. But they put 'em out there so...

Yet another "light saber fight in the forest". (Don't people ever get tired of making those?) The audio is exceptional, the directing, filming and choreography is good, which is why I give it 5 stars. I give it only 5 stars because it has zero story / plot, the bane of all shorts.

If you want to watch a few minutes of yet again two people having a light sabre battle in a (rather pretty and interesting) forest, this is the film for you. Beyond that this would best be classified as a "teaser". One does have to wonder: if they're going to go to the trouble of making something like this (and I'm sure it took some doing), why not make it a few minutes longer and fill out the story line a little better? Perhaps some day fans will learn that the key to a good film is a story foundation. Beyond that, it's just fancy lights and footwork among a bunch of trees. It's been done before... and we frankly don't need to see yet. another. light. saber. battle. in. the. forest.


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In this new set of adventures the Autobots live on Earth and maintain their secret identity. They are joined by 3 teens as they battle the Decepticons. For those who don't know, I'm a genuine Transformers fan, but I didn't start out that way. A good friend of mine got me into the franchise when I was 12. Then at age 15, I saw the first live-action "Transformers" movie in theaters. It wasn't perfect, but it was a commendable effort on Michael Bay's part, but then he ruined it with "Revenge of the Fallen"! Although, the more I got into the shows, the less I cared about the movies.

So, I decided to watch the original G1 cartoon on YouTube, I found the 1986 movie and really enjoyed it. Lots of action, cheesy 80's humor, a KILLER soundtrack, and it even made me cry! A couple years later, I've almost forgotten about Transformers, until one day I found the G1 series on The Hub. It didn't really give me that same "intrigued" feel I had with "Animated", but it was WAY less frustrating to sit through than the Michael Bay sequels.

Finally, I saw a commercial for "Transformers Prime". I was a bit skeptical, then I thought, "Why not? It might be even better than Animated". I was wrong. First time I started watching it, all I got were flat characters, a sloppy story, and a boring soundtrack.

Optimus is now a deadpan, stick in the mud with no emotion whatsoever; Ratchet, who really loves shouting out most of his dialog; Bumblebee who (like Bay's version) is a mute puppy dog; Arcee, who's basically Prowl with boobs; and finally Bulkhead. Remember that clumsy, lovable gentle giant who started out as an Energon farmer, but learned how to become a Space-Bridge technician? Well, that character is tossed aside in favor of an obnoxious slob whose dialog consists of "YEAH!!!" and "COWABUNGA!". If that wasn't bad enough, Sari, the spunky, resourceful daughter of Professor Sumdac, is now replaced by these 3 little turds: Jack Darby, the moody teenager with a hidden agenda; Rafael Esqiuvez, the stereotypical computer geek; and finally, Miko Nadakai, who is the most annoying human kid since Daniel from G1.

The Decepticons aren't any better either. They're completely underpowered and lose almost every battle. Megatron is the same old clichéd comic book villain as he was in G1, and Starscream is even more pathetic than he was in G1 and "Animated".

This series, as a whole, is dull and soulless. Every time a character dies, I don't feel sorry for them, and every time they try to inject humor into certain episodes, it comes off as forced and contrived. The fight scenes aren't really that exciting either, because they look like they were taken straight out of the Michael Bay trilogy.

The only merits I can point out are: Soundwave's design, the animation, Knockout (the only character that's close to being funny), and of course, Peter Cullen.

My Overall Rating-- 5/10 As far as Transformers go, there can be a war to decide if it's good or bad. the original cartoon was entertaining, but good lord was it stupid. Beast Wars and Beast Machines were both great in terms of story, animation, and characters. Robots in Disguise had a few redeeming values, but not a lot. Armada was okay, Energon was crap, Cybertron was okay. Animated was fantastic! The movies were good, but too many humans. This series was pretty good. Some lovable human characters such as Miko, and Arcee in this series in tough and sexy, Bulkhead is lovable and big, and Rachet is Hilarious. I can't wait till Febuary for new episodes to come. Welcome back Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

86/100 No, it is not. While some elements were lifted straight from the movies, it represents a completely different universe with different characters. It can be viewed independant of any prior incarnation, but it is intended to be linked to the video game War For Cybertron as its backstory.

There are several external connections, primarily that the writers of Transformers (2007) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) are involved as producers. The general design of the robots, the musical score and the more realistic approach to the material were chosen specifically because of the film series' success. Backstory elements between this series and WFC also seem to evoke something similar to what happened in the movies. The answer is a complicated one. According to the main official sources, it does. Yet there are many inconsistencies in their stories, their depiction of the characters, as well as their looks in general. The reasons for this go into how you accept the continuity and how Hasbro is treating the continuity.

The video game War For Cybertron was developed as being the basis of a new sub-franchise of Transformers, released alongside the novel Exodus that tells further details both before and during that game. Both were based off a new "Universe Bible" developed by Hasbro to use as reference point, but poor proofreading and editing caused Exodus to contradict itself on certain plot points. This already makes the two inreconcilable.

As for the cartoon it was developed independently from the video game, by different people, and the only connection is using the universe bible. Inconsistencies are a given. In addition to that the TV show and the game were marketed towards different audiences. War for Cybertron catered to the nostalgic fans who had fond memories of the original Transformers cartoon, as well as the general gaming crowd. Transformers: Prime is directed more towards the TV watchers and a younger generation of fans. Therein lies the difference in their storytelling, as well as their design aesthetics.

As for how Hasbro treats the various series, they are part of a "Continuity Family." They are set in the same universe but able to exist apart from each other. The show and the game are meant to be linked together, but the puzzle pieces are not intended to fit snugly.

This isn't new, as the comics of Transformers Generation One from the 80's contradicted the show despite being based on the same story. Newer comics have rebooted the actual Generation One and each incarnation does the same thing. Another explanation comes from the comics, where they coined the "Multiverse Theory," that there are a near infinite number of alternate realities and some characters are able to traverse the different realities.

But in the end it largely goes to how the individual decides to treat the two incarnations, they are either completely unconnected, very loosely inspired by each other or a direct continuation.

It was revealed at a 2015 convention that the video games were originally indeed meant to be parts of Generation One, and that the cartoon's production studio did not want to tie them together either. Obviously, these plans have changed during the series' development. Yes. They both take place in the same continuity, as confirmed by Executive Producer Jeff Kline. The Optimus Prime and Bumblebee who make guest appearances in Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) are the same ones as in this show.

If you have followed both series, you may have noticed that the time when the Rescue Bots lost contact with Optimus corresponded exactly with the story arc during which he became brainwashed and joined the evil Decepticons. Rescue Bots contains many other subtle references to TF Prime, such as Dr. Morocco dealing with an evil organization that's implied to be MECH or Optimus Prime mentioning the Autobot medic (Ratchet).

However, due to obvious reasons such as budget and plotting issues, the cast of Rescue Bots can't make any guest appearances in Prime. The creators of the show originally intended to include Ironhide. There exist two reasons, one of which is only loosely substantiated, for why he was replaced with Bulkhead:

According to the first, more well-known rumor, they changed Ironhide's personality to be more friendly and goofy, and eventually came to the realization that a character like this already existed within the Transformers universe -- Bulkhead, first introduced in Transformers: Animated (2007) (whose character designer, Derrick Wyatt, at one point also worked on Prime), who has become very popular with the fans. Thus it was decided to switch the names around, and no injustice would be done to Ironhide's character.

A bonus featurette on the Transformers: Prime Season 1 Blu-Ray set, however, revealed that the above described rumor is just that: a rumor, meant to act as a cover-up for the real reason as to why Ironhide was replaced. The character of Ironhide namely appears, and is killed, in the the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), and, even though the movie and the cartoon series take place in unconnected universes, the producers of this show didn't want to confuse children by having him suddenly reappear alive.

Despite this, Ironhide is a separate character in the cartoon's universe, and has received toys of his own. Though many fans would prefer him never retracting his face-plate, the idea that Optimus has a real mouth underneath is not a new one. The idea originates back to as early as 1985, to the picture book titled The Great Car Rally, which featured the original Optimus Prime having a human face and no mouth-plate (in fact many originally "faceless" characters had been designed to have mouths, such as Soundwave and Bumblebee). He also clearly had a mouth in the old Marvel comics underneath this mask, a detail that the toy manufacturers even included in his Masterpiece figure -- though to see the mouth, one had to disassemble the toy's head.

Many of Optimus' later incarnations followed suit: the trend really started with Optimus Primal from Beast Wars (the first Optimus to bear his mouth in a cartoon), and was followed by Energon Optimus Prime (who had a mouth in toy form only) and Cyberton Optimus Prime (the first Prime with a retractable face-mask in both toy and cartoon form). Since then, every version of the character has been outfitted with a mouth and only put on their face-mask in battle.

This version of him is no different. The main difficulty, and the reason Optimus Primal started the trend, is that in live action and animation much of the personality and "performance" of a character is found in the mouth expressions. Having a mask of some sort inhibits a characters' ability to converse with others, so only "strong, silent types," generic footsoldiers or similar characters tend to be faceless. Prior to the release of Season 3, there were many rumors floating about of the potential appearance of the popular Autobot sub-faction, the Dinobots, in the cartoon. These were further fueled by a somewhat confusing piece of news that claimed Gregg Berger, who has voiced the Dinobot leader Grimlock in Transformers (1984) and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (2012), has worked together with Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, on the show's voice recordings.

Yet nor Grimlock nor any of the Dinobots ever appeared, their existence being referenced only by an off-hand comment made by the characters in-show. While it is true that the cartoon's creators would have liked to include the Dinobots, there were never any official announcements made about them truly appearing -- the characters instead starred in a comic series titled Rage of the Dinobots by IDW Publishing, which took place in the same universe as the Fall of Cybertron game and the TF Prime cartoon (some continuity issues notwithstanding), but detailed a side-plot that wasn't tied closely to the show's main storyline. Before the series debuted, there were many official infos circulating on the Internet over what the show would be about. Among them that the central theme would be exploring what makes a Prime and what it means to be one.

However this issue was never really discussed or clarified in the cartoon. In fact, it has shown that anyone, even the evil Megatron, could possibly wield the power of a Prime by simply replacing their own arm with the arm of a Prime. The base-idea of what a Prime is was briefly hinted at at certain points, such as when Optimus declared Jack to be worthy of the title thanks to his courage, maturity and collected thinking, or when he wanted the reckless but fast-thinking and determined Smokescreen to be his successor (although in the latter case, it turned out that Optimus was mistaken in his judgment and Smokescreen wouldn't be fit for the title).

It is possible that the writers changed their minds while planning the show's storyline, or that they simply couldn't find the appropriate time to introduce the theme. It should be noted that some other bits of early info have likewise proven to be untrue -- for example the early character descriptions claimed that Optimus was frequently unsure of himself and would ask advice from the well-balanced Arcee. In the actual show, however, Optimus doesn't show signs of unsureness or needing advice from others, and Arcee is more of a temperamental, emotional wreck. Yes, according to the backstory detailed in the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video games, the Decepticons' warship, called Nemesis, is really the giant dinosaur-like Decepticon Trypticon locked permanently in the form of a ship.

Much confusion seems to stem from the episode Flying Mind (2012), in which the ship develops a mind of its own after the Decepticons infuse it with Dark Energon. In the episode, no reference is made at all to the Nemesis' "past life", and indeed, all of the Decepticons are surprised to discover that their ship can think for itself. Writer Robert N. Skir was actually aware of the Nemesis' backstory, however according to him, when the ship came to life again, it wasn't Trypticon anymore. Instead, the ship's computers developed a totally new mind unrelated to Trypticon's, who still remained locked in stasis.

According to info from a convention panel, the show was meant to reference Trypticon in some way, thereby clearing up this confusion, but due to various reasons, it was never incorporated. AUTOBOTS

Team Prime, original members

- leader, transforms into a red and blue long-nosed truck, later a heavily armored army truck

- young scout, transforms into a yellow sports car with black stripes, later with the colors reversed

- female warrior, turns into a blue motorcycle

- medic, transforms into a red and white emergency rescue vehicle

- former Wrecker, transforms into a green off-road vehicle

- fighter, turns into a red muscle car

Team Prime, new members

- Wrecker, turns into a white, red and green sports car

- up-and-coming youngster, transforms into a white, blue and red race car, later blue and yellow

- leader of the Wreckers, transforms into a blue and red long-nosed truck


- ancient Autobot

Tailgate - Arcee's former partner


Original members

- leader, transforms into a silver and purple alien jet

- second in command, turns into a fighter jet

- communications expert, transforms into an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone

- "bird", part of Soundwave's armor

Vehicons - Decepticon foot-soldiers, transform into dark purple cars and alien jets

Later recruits, temporary members or one-shot Decepticons

- medic, transforms into a red sports car

- warrior, transforms into a blue armored truck

- spider-like female ex-Decepticon, turns into a black stealth helicopter

Skyquake - warrior, transforms into a green, gray and brown military jet

Makeshift - mysterious one-shot Decepticon who can take on the visage of other robots. Original form unknown.

- demolitions expert and temporary second in command, turns into a blue and yellow military jet

Seekers - Starscream's Vehicon brigade, transform into silver alien jets


- fiercest of the Insecticons, transforms into a gigantic alien beetle


- ancient warrior, transforms into a black and orange robotic dragon

Other evil Transformer characters

- evil ancient Transformer god, the core of planet Earth

"Cylas" - the human terrorist Silas fused together with Breakdown's dead body. Transforms into a beat-up armored truck

Terrorcons - zombie Transformers


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In the year 2012 a comet approaches earth, threatening to end civilization when it impacts. On the streets of Japan, a single music store remains open, its proprietor insisting to his customers that the world is not coming to an end. He plays a forgotten song recorded by an obscure band 37 years ago, and insists that somehow, this song will save the world. A series of short stories spans the years from the recording of the song in 1975 to the modern day, and shows how--in roundabout fashion--the man in the music store is absolutely right. In short: Fish Story will take you on a wild, improbable ride that will leave you smiling once the credits begin. It is a film that rewards multiple viewings as it will leave you thinking and desiring to watch it again almost immediately. Great acting and an incredibly well put together set of events leads to a movie that definitely should be seen. My favorite film of 2009 so far.

If you haven't seen Fish Story yet, you may want to stop reading this review after this paragraph. There aren't spoilers in my review, but it is one of those movies that is best viewed with no preconceived ideas about the plot. Watch the film and enjoy the twists and turns that the story takes. It is a ride that most will undoubtedly enjoy.

Fish Story is about a punk band named Gekirin that recorded a single called "Fish Story" in 1975, a year before the Sex Pistols popularized punk music. Despite knowing that their music won't sell, Gekirin and their supportive producer decide to record this song knowing that one day it will impact the life of at least one person. The film jumps around different time periods ranging from 1975 to 2012, where a meteor is on a collision course for Earth. Going through the movie, the viewer is shown different stories without knowing what is going on or how they factor in to the main narrative.

Each part of the film is captivating, despite the fact that we don't really know what is going on in the film as a whole. Every new story reveals a piece to the puzzle and when they all come together at the end you'll feel like jumping up, running outside, and telling everyone that they NEED to watch Fish Story. Then you'll want to watch it again. This movie has one of the most satisfying endings that I have ever experienced.

I love the cast in this film. Acting was solid, but no award-winning performances. I particularly enjoyed Omori Nao, who played the producer that discovered Gekirin as well as a music shop owner whose store is open despite the pending destruction of Earth. I also thought Kora Kengo, playing Gekirin's singer, and Moriyama Mirai, playing a guy trained since birth to be a "champion of justice" (his action sequences were really cool) stood out. Based on a novel by Isaka Kotaro and adapted by Hayashi Tamio, Fish Story has a great script. Also, the cinematography is good (though certainly not groundbreaking) as well as the directing. Music is great, especially the song "Fish Story" which was written specially for the film.

I can't really name many faults with this film other than it was a little bit draggy in some spots. Also, some may not enjoy the girl's (Tabe Mikako) overenthusiastic acting but I found that it fit her character. The film was just under two hours, but I felt that length was not a problem.

Fish Story jumps around to different genre's (thriller, martial arts action, comedy, music documentary, etc) which I think keeps the movie incredibly engaging, constantly changing up the pace. During my second viewing, I couldn't help but think that I would enjoy watching a film that just took any one of the multiple stories presented and made it feature-length. All of them are that interesting. Having each individual story in the span of a single film, though, is what helps make Fish Story a magical experience. From beginning to end, you will be engaged and entertained. I advise everyone to see Fish Story.

--John Kincaid @ I came across Fish Story by accident, recording it from late night Film 4 because it looked slightly odd - I mean, you never know, right? Well I came up trumps this time! This film tells a single linear story but breaks it up into sections and shows them in reverse links, to build up the story and create tension - will the world end? what had punk rock to do with it? why is the song cursed and why is there a 1 minute silent bit in it? All will be revealed, there are no cheats in this film and it has that rarest of creatures, a completely satisfying ending without loose ends. So why have some had difficulties? the structure is part of it, but so is the basic concept - that some major events (such as the efforts to destroy a comet shortly to obliterate earth) can be resolved in the tiny, tiny events and steps that combine to do so - the butterfly effect, if you will. Yes, major spoiler - the comet is destroyed! But we are telling the tiny stories here, the tiny grains of sand that rolled downhill to become the inexorable avalanche... So from a 1950's man desperate for work, translating a book into Japanese via a dictionary - to that book being recalled and pulped - to the single surviving copy - to a struggling band using that copy as the basis for their one and only album - which has their one great song - which has a mysterious silent minute - which allows a boy driving home to hear a scream - which lets him save a girl from rape - which leads to him marrying her - which leads to their child being raised as a defender of justice - who then saves a lost schoolgirl from murder - who is the maths genius that makes the plan to destroy the comet... The story is built in little layers until it makes a magnificent whole. i rate it 9/10, very rarely will i go that high. Enjoy!


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A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

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original title: Blackhat

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



duration: 2h 13min

tags: We are no longer in control

budget: $70,000,000

keywords: hacker, chinese, computer, cybercrime, onewordtitle, indonesia, referencetomassachusettsinstituteoftechnology, prison, china, terrorist, chase, hongkong, bank, fbi, tin, shotmultipletimes, carexplosio

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A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta. Set in the criminal world of cyberspace, an experienced hacker serving a 13 year sentence in prison is recruited by FBI and CIA authorities to capture a cyber-hacker committing high level terrorist attacks around the world with no apparent reason. The chase leads them on a worldwide adventure from New York to L.A. to Tokyo to Jakarta. As they begin to start getting closer to him, they discover horrifying motives and secrets that could never have been predicted. Blackhat is the type of "different" thrillers that has a lot more characters and twists than action and violence and a satisfactory ending.

When violence occurs (limited to a few scenes) is strong and more realistic than usual.

There is a group of very good actors (specially on the Asian side) that really do their best to make things believable.

But... for a movie about hackers; this is not intelligent enough.

One of the shootings; were an important character is killed; things happen in a very absurd manner.

Other situations are too easily resolved (I know how a hacker works and it would be no fun to describe it in a picture; it will take hours of no action and very technical things).

And on to of all; the movie is too long. The digital sequence of bits moving through circuits is not very imaginative and overstay its welcome. There are long scenes trying to built tension than become boring.

It is a pity; because the script is good the movie has a decent budget.

I am not a fan of Michael Mann (Heat was good but has a serious pace issue; COLLATERAL was too Tom Cruise, Miami Vice got me angry and Public Enemies was just bad). The Insider is the only one I liked.

Well BLACKHAT is definitely not in the first group but better editing (shorten some too long and cutting other unnecessary) should had make it a better movie. First of all, the movie is so boring, pretentious and inconsistent. second, the movie is so boring, pretentious and inconsistent. The people behind this movie is trying hard. No one is interested in wasting more than two hours of their lives on this boredom. Hemsworth is trying his best, but it's not helping. The entire movie just sucks. Don't waste your time or money. Unless you know the story beforehand, it'll take you some time to figure out what message is the movie trying to give. It also lingers all along the movie. In fact, if there's any message this movie is trying to deliver, is never watch me again.

I gave it 4 out of 10, which means it's a total flop. Blackhat can’t decide if it is a grim, realistic story from the trenches or cyberwarfare or a giddy, “who cares if that makes sense?” Bond film. As a matter of fact, the European Version (e.g. the German and the UK Version) is 32.4 seconds shorter than the US Version. A little background information about a suspect has been removed. Allegedly, he has ties to a latino gang.


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